Downsizing into a smaller, manageable home can be a difficult one for many people. Upstage offers a unique service in senior move management by facilitating everything from need assessment and realtor referral to floorplan design and packing.

Upstage is a company focused on helping clients make the move to a smaller home by smoothing out the uncertainty of how and what to do. We handle all the proverbial (and literal) heavy lifting. Every person and space is different.

Upstage is a company focused on helping clients make the move to a smaller home, whether another house, apartment or retirement community

Within the Downsizing services are micro-services that may not be needed for everyone. The Downsizing Services is customizable to each and every client’s needs. For instance, if you’re moving from a home within strata and landscaping is provided in the fees, then you may not need our landscaping services. We also offer cleaning services at the end of every move so that your old residence is clean for when the next owner moves in. If any of these services in the list below don’t exactly reflect your needs, don’t worry. We know not every person and situation is the same, and that’s why we always meet with you ahead of time to determine what your needs are and what we can do for you.

Floorplan Mockup

Once you’ve found a new home, we will measure and draw up a floorplan so that we know how much space there is in each room. We will then take measurements of all the furniture you have decided to take with you and ensure they will fit in the new place, and establish what will fit where.

Organizing & Packing

The process of deciding what to keep can take the most time, and sometimes requires significant consideration. We can walk through with you, or let you make those decisions in private, it’s up to you. At most we will provide a structured process to keep the items organized by clearly marking them as staying or going.

Unpack & Set-Up

Once all the furnishings and boxes have been moved to the new home, with Upstage facilitating that when requested, the unpacking begins.  This is the day where our skill for organization and interior layout shines; we unpack, and design your new space so that at the end of the day, you come back to a home that is ready to be lived in.

 “Everyone was raving about Upstage’s professionalism and great job ensuring {“mom”} was nicely set up and felt right at home her first night in her new suite.”

Sales Manager, Chartwell Retirement Residences