Upstage manages everything required for your transition to a new home, whether another house, apartment or retirement community, from organizing, packing, and staging to moving, unpacking, and everything else in between.

Go out for the day and return to sheets on the bed, towels hung, peas in the freezer.

It’s more manageable than you think.

All you have to do is get in touch with us. The initial consultation is complimentary.

Upstage your transition experience


If your home has been listed and doesn’t seem to be selling, we can help. Staging your home is an invaluable option to improve the appeal and value of your home.

Impress a potential buyer as soon as they step into your home. Upstage can help optimize the space through natural lighting, colour balance, and space planning.


The hardest part of any move is deciding what to take and what not to take. Everything you own might have sentimental value, and we understand it can be hard to part with them. We treat everything you own with respect, and the most important part about the organizing and packing process is that you make the decision, not us.


Once you’ve found a new home, we will measure and draw up a floorplan so that we know how much space there is in each room. We will then take measurements of all the furniture you have decided to take with you and ensure they will fit in the new place, and establish what will fit where.


Once all the furnishings and boxes have been moved to the new home, the unpacking begins.  This is the day where our skill for organization and interior layout shines; we unpack, and design your new space so that at the end of the day, you come back to a home that is ready to be lived in.

Transition Sale

We will plan and organize this event from advertising it in the local newspapers and online, researching the market value of special items, posting signage for the event, to pricing all items. On the day of the sale itself, a team of people will be there to welcome potential buyers, collect payment, ensure security of items, and work to sell the highest volume of items at the best possible price.


Now that the house is clear, we will ensure the home is cleaned and ready for the next owner. Just like the landscaping, cleaning is a service that is included in our move management service. You won’t have to worry about several small invoices, since all the contractor bills go through us at a preferred rate.


“Upstage came to us during a time we wanted to move into a retirement home, but the physical demands of a move seemed overwhelming.

Juanita and Julie took care of everything. They measured furniture, created a floor plan, oversaw the packing and move, unpacked and set everything up; right down to hanging the pictures and mirrors. It was amazing all that they did!

Shortly after moving, we decided we would prefer a one bedroom with a den apartment versus a one-bedroom. We knew who to call and had Upstage do it all again a second time!

We would highly recommend them to anyone transitioning from one home to another.”

– Anna and Ross S.

The best words to describe working with Julie and Juanita are, “we don’t know what we would have done without them”. Having had a recent surgery, neither of us were up to the physical task of a move. We didn’t know what we were going to do or where to begin, when we met them and we were so relieved.

Julie and Juanita listened to our needs and handled everything from downsizing choices, to a Transition Sale of unnecessary items, to hanging the pictures in our new place. It was like our home was magically picked up and deposited in a new location – all on the same day.

We have recommended them to our friends and neighbours as we trust them to do the right job, at a fair price with a heart for the people they are working with.

– Elsie S. and Don S.

“Upstage allowed [our homes] best features to stand out by removing the clutter of everyday life and presenting an image of what could be done with what our home had to offer.

Our home was purchased by the first buyer to view it. They loved it so much they didn’t even need to come back for a second look before making an offer to purchase.

It was a pleasure working with you. You were very professional, but also friendly and made us feel that you really cared about us and and the success of our sale. We can not thank you enough.

– Joe and Donna B.